Walls, Windows and Walkthrough

Progress is happening quickly. The walls are finished, and so is most of the framing. The windows went from being stacked in the garage to being installed.

We had two official walkthroughs last week. One on Monday(10/19) with the low voltage guy to agree where to put all the networking ports and the speaker cables. The second to check the framing and windows.

In this first video, taken from the hallway shows the master bedroom and bathroom along with the closet; the second shows a panorama of the house, taken from the kitchen area.

The second walkthrough with the construction supervisor it had rained heavily and the floors both on the ground floor and basement were wet. However, they’d gone from having the windows stacked in the garage, to almost all installed.

Finally, with just a couple of the doors left to install, on Sunday 10/25, the insulation, siding and venting hardware had started to arrive. We are hoping with a dry week, the taping, insulation for the roof will get done and then the house will be water tight, which will be a major step.

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