A Pictorial of the house that #dandf built

For most people, investing in their home is the biggest investment and most important decision they’ll ever make. In my time, I’ve bought five houses before, but never imagined being able to build one. In US terms we are building a production home.

We chose the lot, in fact, we switched lot’s at the time of signing. We chose a floor plan and construction style, and again changed plans between two ultra-modern, single story, contemporary designs.

We were able to customize the plan in a number of ways; we chose the entire finish of the home; and we were even successful in getting the “designer” chosen external color palette changed. Feel free to watch as our home appears over the next 5-6 months and some of the changes we make to it after completion.

Each of the pictures has a full description, and you can view the pictures in slideshow mode by clicking on any of them. Feel free to add comments or ask questions and we’ll do our best to respond. #dandf

We have picture galleries for:

We get asked a lot, why #dandf?

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